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Charity & Ian

Niki helped ensure the day was in order and that everyone did what was needed to be done in the process. She was able to reel in situations and help prevent disasters from happening. One example: My bouquet came from the florist looking like a hot mess, and Niki was able to salvage it, and I didn’t know any of this until after my honeymoon. That’s what you want. Someone that will take care of situations without you knowing so you don’t stress out on your big day!    

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Th   e        P  a     l     l     e     t    t     s

Niki was so dedicated to ensuring my day was the best ever! She was always available for questions and constant design ideas. You only get your day once and Events of NV made sure it was beautiful and effortless for me

Brittany & Blue 

Niki is amazing! She takes her time during consultations and listens to all the wants! She also has great ideas and solutions. Niki went above and beyond our expectations! She helped us decide the big things and even the small details that I just couldn’t decide on or even begin to know what to do, she was kind and never overstepped. I highly recommend for any event or wedding especially!  

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Tammy & Daley 

Niki was the absolute BEST. If you are hesitating, like I was, on having a wedding coordinator please call Niki. She took care of every detail of the wedding and I did not have to worry about a thing! 

You will not be disappointed and I would recommend her to anyone that has an upcoming wedding.

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